Apr 26, 2012

save my scraps


There ain't many scraps in my scrap box. All the time I need some small piece of fabric, I dive into this box before I cut in any yardage. It was fun to use every tiny bit for just the right project. But at the moment, I am kind of saturated. Although those scraps are still lovely and everything, the idea of using them up doesn't inspire me at all. There are small, not so small and bigger pieces of quilting cotton fabric, selvages, some organic cottons, bits of flannel and some home dec weights deeply burried in the dark. Really, anyone should save them.

Apr 4, 2012


Spring is here, so I do need to redecorate and maybe paint a bit. I already have some color swatches hanging in the living room and in my sewing corner. Can't decide yet what color it should be. There is teal, pink and purple hanging over my sewing machine. furniture is mainly white or beech  and the decoration not that colorful at the moment. They would be a fit still I am not sold (read: need way more color swatches or somebody helping to get a decision).


On the brigther side. The kitchen is done since about a year and I am still pretty happy with it. I painted it a pale green right after moving in and added a tree and a bit of fitting wall decoration to get a bit of a coffee shop feeling. A cozy on, of course.


Big J painted some hedgehogs with me. He did the ones on the right side with only little help with noses and eyes. Currently, he is more into cars and airplanes. But there is still some place left if creativity strikes again.