Jan 26, 2012


Last year in the midst of the grey November weeks (still sounds a bit strange, kind of like being a very old lady) I was playing around with some yellow scraps to cheer me up. Nothing better than the feel of sunshine there and than. The block hung on my inspiration board before I finally decided to turn it into a miniquilt. I wanted to test the look of it surrounded by a black and white fabric. Only that I hadn't any black and white. Thus, black and white and red it was.


The binding is a black with charcoal dots and a little yellow scrap for fancy. It was quilted with straight lines at random space and only needs a hanging sleeve to be finished. 

I am curious how it will look after a gentle wash. Maybe than I can decide better whether I'll keep it or whether it should find a better home, where it will be loved. Right now, I am not sure about this little one.

Jan 19, 2012

catching up

These are the bee blocks of the last months.

bee europe_tree

bee europe_star

bee modern too_august

bee modern too_august_2

interlocking season

Jan 17, 2012


The upside on spending way to much time on the sofa cuddled under a pile of quilts? There is even for a slow knitter enough time and motivation to get some christmas presents done. A fluffy cowl for my sister and a shawl for hubby. And both liked it. Hooray!


The initial aim was to use my yarn stash for anything more useful than sitting in a box. Well, mission accomplished, I'd say.

Jan 3, 2012

bedtime stories

We've got quite a habbit lately to replace singing with bedtime stories and snuggle up for them on a huge pile of pillows.

So one sleepless night I put together this bundle just for a story telling quilt for my boys: fabrics to tell stories, some flowers for all the deep forests and some basics to create a calm feeling. It will be added to all these amazing bundles here.

bedtime stories bundle

  1. Dazzle Sky Blue Basketweave 
  2. Outfoxed Yellow Playing Foxes
  3. Kona Jade Green 
  4. Home to Roost Blue and Cream Weathervane 
  5. Oval Elements Mood Indigo 
  6. Kona Corn Yellow 
  7. London Blue Wakefield 
  8. StoryBoek Cream Gone Fishin Main 
  9. Outfoxed Dark Purple Happy Hedgehogs 
  10. Heirloom Green Title Flourish 
  11. Palladium Gray Chevron 
  12. Kona Berry 
  13. Secret Garden Khaki Lock and Key 
  14. Sketch Yellow Screen Texture 
  15. Secret Garden Thyme Party Dress