Aug 28, 2011

proof that I might be a nerd (or just another pillow)

Over the last weeks I pieced together some scraps that were laying around while the kids were playing in my sewing corner. Slow and steady a cuddly pillow was growing.  The front is made of cordury, jersey, nicky and some terry cloth. To make it even more comfy it has some medium loft batting. The back is just plain without quilting and has a covered zipper as closure.


The quilting started with some machine stippling on the cordury and some pebbles on the terry cloth. Still need to practice my free motion quilting. I went a bit crazy and added some houses with flags and a kind of giraffe-dino. The jersey was to stretchy for machine quilting on this lofty batting. Thus, some hand quilting was in order. So more houses, and of course a car ... and hopefully something like a simplified traffic light.


 Oh ... and the proof ... there is no better place than home ;)

  me, a nerd

Aug 8, 2011

tweet tweet


Wanna meet a little birdie? This little guy is made of softclay as Easter gift for my dad. It got several layers of acrylic paint: One bright green foundation and lots of layers with a dry brush.Think it turned out pretty well. The red polka dot hat will help to find it ever again in the garden LOL.

Aug 1, 2011

the promised bag post

I still owe you a post about the Sophia Carry All bag pattern, if I remember correctly. Well, here it comes.


As it was for a swap, I actually did two versions of the bag. One following mainly the instructions to check if it will have the right size and look for my partner and just for some practice. Never used real piping before. The first bag is the one seen here. The outside is an AMH home dec which was easy to stabilize with some low-loft, iron-on batting.The only alteration was an additional big pocket on the outside.

For the second version a bit of stash shopping was in order. I dearly miss all my trusty fabric shops back in Munich! Nevertheless, my stash is happy to get actually used LOL and there were some nice fabrics for my partner. Grey and yellow was one of here color combinations, so I picked a grey linen/cotton and added mainly yellows. This version did get a little pocket with a sandpiper peeping throuhg that is integrated in the additional outer pocket. I added some pleats - a project on itself - on the other side and changed the handles for one shoulder strap. Oh, and I almost forgot: the zipper is covered which looks just great.

The linen did get some more stabilizer, still it wasn't enough. It did look like a ugly plop of fabric after sewn together for some happy nights with my seam ripper. Oh my, there went the schedule. It still looked crap with more stabilizer. Finally, the linen was backed with some home dec and luckily my machine got through all the layers which were at times more then ten. It took so long to fix it and there was no way to get enough fabric in time for a fresh start. Hence, no time for a proper photo shooting. Still it was a lot of fun to see it all come together.

Here are my mental notes of the project:

  • Nice bag that is big enough for the normal stuff carried around and a bit more. And pretty versatile depending on the fabric used. Easy adjustable, too.
  • The project is suitable for anybody that is not afraid of sewing a zipper and some piping (even if it is the first time). You only should take your time and know how to sew straight or with consistent seam allowances.
  • Next time making the shoulder strapes, they will be 4-8" longer. Well, they are actually long enough but I don't like the tight fit.
  • Lazy as I am, I bought some piping. Works like a charm and saved me lots of my night time.
  • Any fabric needs to get heavily stabilized if not a home dec fabric.
  • The covered zipper looked great, so it will probably be my go to. The cover is about 1" wide and the pattern can be easily altered to integrate it . You only have to be carefull with the batting and stabilizer for the cover part.Otherwise the fabric might be difficult to handle.
  • Lots of topstitching. Still could be more.
  • You definitely should follow the lining instructions especially how to connect the outside and inside at the side seams!
    Someday, I might try to get the bottom stiffer and try out some nice little feet.
  • Drink more coffee when sewing around midnight (or less for breaking the addiction HAHA).
Next bag project will be a shoe bag, lingerie bag and all the stuff to get into a new travel bag. That is, when I finally get around to sew it. Still need some hardware and to figure out the pattern or to get a nice one. More time would also come in handy.

If anybody wanna try, I might be willing to swap pattern (or try me.)


 Love the fishes on the inner pocket and all the sunny yellow :)