Mar 30, 2011

never leave your fabric unattended

little thief

Otherwise someone little will immediately try to get it and to hoard them for himself. Don't understand where the kids got that from.


Anyway, already planning some other projects. Helps me to stick to my WIPs and to finish them in time :)

Mar 29, 2011

love this design


just minimalistic and beautiful... and the chocolate isn't bad either

Mar 22, 2011

all about letters


Since last year, I was planning to paint some letters for our dining area and finally got around to actually doing it. Nothing about long loooong to-do-lists and procrastination. These are precut wood or MDF letters which were painted with some acrylic paint and some crackle fluid or which were covered using scrapbooking paper (first clued on, pressed and later cut out). They will go into our new kids room spelling big J's name and in our dining area for a "CAFÉ & B3ANS" (well, loosely translated).

Now back to the washing machine: Big J didn't feel well last night and a lot of clothes, bedding, pillows, stuffies and a bed cover need to be washed :) Spending the night together on the couch, luckily he already felt better and only me woke up all the time when he was turning and kicking me out of the couch. Hopefully, this night will be about sewing agrin.

Mar 19, 2011



Some of my current WIPs out on my design wall (opposed to all my other WIPs stored in all those bins). The {love} letter had to be set aside as I am still waiting for the batting to arrive which seems to be on backorder. Too bad. Messes up my plans. But well, I could move on to some other things of my to-do-list.

I am improvising a bit for make mine modern. Same stupid thing, fabric still somewhere on its way. I like my wonky stripes on the grey but it still needs something to make it special. Have to think about it and see how my partner might like it.

My weirdest ideas come shortly before midnight and some speedy cutted scraps became a crappy star which would finish at 1". How the hell do you deal with those seam allowances. It gets all bulky no matter how they are pressed and it is rather difficult to press the block flat without distorting the fabric. Oh my, more midnight exercises to go.


Glad I have some of my recreation projects which are without any deadline or specific purpose. Just for the fun of it. As the log cabins for {under the sea}. Lots of greens, blues and bits of orange.

On the other hand this weekend will be challenging sewing wise. My sisters birthday wish was a cordury overall and today she comes for fitting the pattern. Furthermore, I am already changing the parts of the pattern which I do not favor. Never did any adult clothes except of some easy skirts and could get a bit nervous about it. Just a little.

Mar 14, 2011


Thanks my dears for playing along. Katie has won the little owl and should receive a mail for her contact details soon. All the other stuffies will travel to winners in Germany.

Mar 1, 2011

giveaway - get it while it hoots!

giveaway - critter

Finally there is time for the little giveaway I am planning already for some weeks. Finding a new flat has proven to be quite time consuming and it's a big relief to have signed the contract. Now it is all happy planning (I want colors!) and in six weeks packing and moving. Most work will be to move and adapt our kitchen and to paint the old flat (over here, you usually have to paint your flat when moving). ehm, I am drifting away. What were we talking about? Right, a giveaway. If you like, you can win some of the softies I created together with little big J (aka my 2,5 yrs son). He already owns three of them and loves them to death. Quite to my surprise as he normally spends few minutes with any softy. Right now, there is definitely no space in his bed for more of them. Why we have so many softies anyway, you ask?

giveaway - pink owl

Well, once upon time little big J desparately wanted to get an owl made for a baby shower. Insistent as he was his mum offered to make an owl together for him instead. He would cut out a lot of owl shapes for the front and would receive a box of fabric and could choose which fabric to use for which owl. Time to time the would choose, sew, pin and cut together while the ironing and some fuzzy work was magically down over night. Stuffing was totally exciting and there was barely time to close for the last finishing stitches. Actually, the whole owl thing is quite fitting since a stuffed felt owl is one of my first sewing projects I can remember (someday back in elementary school).Well, his fabric box was big and full and the number of the cutted owl shapes endless so more and more owls were growing steadily...searching for a new place to live.

giveaway - blue owls

That is where you come in! We are looking for wonderful new homes for some owls and one little creature, where they will be loved and cuddled and everything. Each owl is made of cordury, quality quilting fabric and some bits jersey and nicky. For the little creature we repurposed a scrap of home dec which is as old as I am and that was sleeping in my scrap bin for quite some time. All are stuffed lightly using polyester stuffing. They are freshly washed - ready for cuddling or biting - which is what would happen here with them. They will all travel in fashionable coordinating bags inspired by some wonderful hobo bags I've seen online and can't find to link them *grr* though I've been to lazy to look for any instructions. Put in some diapers, changing clothes, toys and the like and you are ready to go whenever you want. Best of all, you can choose which side to wear outside according to your color mood.

giveaway - little owl

For a chance to win one of our softies, leave me a comment. You only have to promise to spend some time creating/painting/reading with your kids/grandchildren/... when you win or at least to smile the whole day.
  • For an additionally entry leave me a second comment with some name suggestions. Best names will a further chance to win.
  • You can blog about it (I would love you to) as we could need any help to find some nice places for those sweeties. Without further entries, though.
The giveaway will be open until March 12th (here and on my German blog). Please make sure that I have a possibility to contact you (profile or comment), otherwise you can't win. Winners will be chosen randomly.

giveaway - bags