May 26, 2013

art journal - moonlight


moonlight enlightening and endarkening,
a glowing tree,
two rabbits enjoying their time together.


acrylic paint, crackle paint, paper

May 25, 2013

boy's summer


Slowly, I am working my way through this huge pile of fabrics which are set aside for my boys summer wardrobe. Luckily, it is mostly cold and rainy, so I can take my time. For starters, these shorts and sleeveless shirts plus some summer PJs got finished.

The grey and green combi is for J, who is more into subdued colors (and dinosaurs) when it comes to clothes. He was happy as pie and sang "I'm a monzta with rabbitz" the whole morning. Little M on the other hand needs strong colors. Orange and red were perfect for him and if he could, he would wear them every single day.


May 16, 2013

art journaling

flower 1 

This year, I gave myself permission to play. Not just creating for a project in mind. It is all about experimenting, enjoying the process and getting some exercise.

Unfortunetaly - or luckily, depending on the occassion - there are so many wonderful paints, stamps, papers and oh so funny stuff available. Thus, I have to limit myself to just the material on hand or my home would soon be better equipped than any craft store. This limitation also helps to get to know my own materials and techniques to use them, which is key.

flower 2 

Sometimes those pages turn out quite unexpected, not having my usual style as I try to get out of my nice little comfort zone. This page here started with some leftover acrylic paint smudged on a page and ended pretty flowery.


  • acrylic paint
  • water colors
  • ink "Leipziger Schwarz"
  • paper scraps
  • stamps, StazOn schwarz, some noname-ink in turquoise
  • Sharpie pen

May 7, 2013

little trip to nature

Last week we had a little walk and found some freshly hatched coots. They boys had lots of fun watching them swimmin and getting fed.
blesshuhn_3 blesshuhn_4 blesshuhn_2

Apr 28, 2013

Mar 25, 2013

pillow cover, a bit different

I spent a fair amount of "me time" lately on this pillow cover. It is based on "Loonscape" by Charley Harper. It was quite a challenge to recreate the same feelings and illusions with my stash and my skills. Finally, the cover is all finished up and despite all those little imperfections I am pretty happy with it. 

Hopefully, my swap partner will like it as much as I do.


finished size: 18" by 18"
fabrics: Kona Cotton solids, Umbrella Print trimmings
techniques: Paper Piecing und Needle Turn Applique
performance enhancing substances: lots of coffee

Jan 24, 2013

my little corner


First thing this year, my old chunky shelf with most of my fabrics, books, pattern and crafting supplies broke. Great! Now what? I didn't want a similar one again for different reasons and found a cute sideboard which barely holds half of my stuff. But look, it has the perfect height for cutting fabric plus I have more drawers for all the little things that had no place before.


Additionally, I've got two little shelfs and some more light and this adorable little stool. Makes up for a workshop feeling which proved to be realy inspiring so far.


Jan 15, 2013

two stranded knitting


fascinates me. Finally I gave in and started a sweater and .... didn't get those two strands to do what I wanted them to do. It was oh so frustrating. After a pause and some hours at youtube it was about time to start over an easy project.

changing my mind: after a few rows this piece wanted to become a pullunder for little M (hopefully it won't too tight) with patterns all over. 

just another new plan:  all over pattern might be too much with these colors or I am not brave enough. Thus, more rows were knitted until it seemed to be long enough. Then I draw a small pattern (five repetitions on front and back). The orange was knitted using the English method whereas the background color was knitted using the European method. Was much simpler than the system my books recommended (having both strands in one hand and European style for both). Worked like a charm. Even love the backside.


Hubby thinks a sweater would be cute. Hmm, maybe even raglans. BUTnot following any pattern in the first place plus not knowing how to construct anything alike = need to find a pattern in the right size and adapt it. So much for fast little projects.