Nov 8, 2011

how the hill gets a mole


Do you sometimes get ideas for little reasons? In this case it all started with a nicky scrap thrown on a tee I was sewing. I only wanted to test possible colors without a particular plan. It somehow looked like a molehill, which was just too cute. Thus, I backed the nicky with a jersey scraps by sewing it right sides together and turning it over. The nicky had already the right size and form and just had to be clipped at one corner.


Another jersey was used for the paws and the head. Luckily, it does not fray and could be just appliqued with straight stitches: the paws on the hill and the head on the tee. Otherwise I would have zigzagged around. Now sew the pocket to the tee. For a bit more whimsy, I added a little flower ribbon at the bottom of the hill.


Prepare for some serious testing before you even have a chance to embroider the last details and finish the tee. But all went well and permission for finishing was granted. LOL


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