Jan 26, 2012


Last year in the midst of the grey November weeks (still sounds a bit strange, kind of like being a very old lady) I was playing around with some yellow scraps to cheer me up. Nothing better than the feel of sunshine there and than. The block hung on my inspiration board before I finally decided to turn it into a miniquilt. I wanted to test the look of it surrounded by a black and white fabric. Only that I hadn't any black and white. Thus, black and white and red it was.


The binding is a black with charcoal dots and a little yellow scrap for fancy. It was quilted with straight lines at random space and only needs a hanging sleeve to be finished. 

I am curious how it will look after a gentle wash. Maybe than I can decide better whether I'll keep it or whether it should find a better home, where it will be loved. Right now, I am not sure about this little one.

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