Feb 20, 2012

magician and dragon

I did it, I made nearly the whole costumes for the munchkins this year.

The pants (patterns: Ottobre) were a bit embellished to fit to the costumes: The ribbons on the pockets have little dragons/dinosaurs on it and of course the pants had to be green and blue like the rest. Which is pretty cool as I used up a cordury leftover, laying around for more than two years and I finally made the urgently needed new pants. Why do those munchkins always have to grow that fast. Memo to myself: Stop feeding them!

dragon & magician 

The dragon shirt (pattern: Ottobre) was actually already made last year. The dragon hat and tail was a nice little scrap buster project - not that it would make the slightest dent in my non patchworky pile of scraps. But, oh well. The cape is a blue jersey knit with some stars and moons and the hat was store bought long long loooooong time ago and only sewn a bit smaller.

Best thing: The munchkins love to dress up at home so we will need a little corner for all the costumes that might come some times.

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