Jan 15, 2013

two stranded knitting


fascinates me. Finally I gave in and started a sweater and .... didn't get those two strands to do what I wanted them to do. It was oh so frustrating. After a pause and some hours at youtube it was about time to start over an easy project.

changing my mind: after a few rows this piece wanted to become a pullunder for little M (hopefully it won't too tight) with patterns all over. 

just another new plan:  all over pattern might be too much with these colors or I am not brave enough. Thus, more rows were knitted until it seemed to be long enough. Then I draw a small pattern (five repetitions on front and back). The orange was knitted using the English method whereas the background color was knitted using the European method. Was much simpler than the system my books recommended (having both strands in one hand and European style for both). Worked like a charm. Even love the backside.


Hubby thinks a sweater would be cute. Hmm, maybe even raglans. BUTnot following any pattern in the first place plus not knowing how to construct anything alike = need to find a pattern in the right size and adapt it. So much for fast little projects.


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