Jan 8, 2011

books for toddlers

I know, I know. Books aren't really something of my creativity, but somehow reading and telling stories helps crowing our imagination. Which might someday help being creative. My kids are eating books. The big one (2.5 yrs) loves his book and divided them into books he might enjoy himself and books which has to be read with Mum or Dad (he is quite specific on this). Our mini (11 months) is more the literally kind of guy. He bites big holes in every book he can reach! Therefore, we keep looking for nice books to keep reading interesting vor all of us.

Shouldn't be difficult. The texts be at least a bit appealing, knowing that we will have to read it quite often. The big one loves to handle them himself, thus, they should be sturdy - would be a big plus. We love nice illustrations with attention to details. Oh, and we like to add some books with new subjects. Unfortunately, it seems to be sometimes difficult to find something alike. Thought, I could show you our beloved books and maybe you tell me about some of yours?

Today: Good Night Gorilla (translated into German 2006)

The book doesn't have much of a text since the story is told by the pictures. There is lots of room for stories and just gazing at the lovely images. My favorite of all the animals is the mouse that goes every with its banana. Wonderful book!

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