Jan 26, 2011

white and grey

... and log cabin of some sort. I loved Alexias request for Bee Modern Too. Much room for playing. Thus, I made too many blocks - four to be precise - while I was experimenting with value.


Care for my thoughts while constructing them? Tell me, if it bores you to death.

Top right: It all started with the white piece (having little white flowers on it) and the letters. I decided to frame it in charcoal, which makes for a great contrast without being harsh. Next round was supposed to be bright again and to soften the it a bit I added the grey dandelions. The blocks has now a focus on the left side so I thought to emphasize it and add some tiny dandelion with the last stripe.

Bottom right: As the grey text and the charcoal fit quite nicely, I pieced a stripe and framed it white for showing it off. I wanted to add some Hope Valey, so this was the next round. On the other side, a whole round might easily look boring. Hence, the charcoal stripe that also mirrors the long center. Next round some white again and some grey dandelions for fun. I inserted the white into the dandelions to create a connection of the white and grey of the outer frame.

The construction of the other two blocks went similar except that I tried for the top block to fit in a stripe of all my tiny leftovers pieced together and for the lower on to fmatch some lines to create some sort of intersection.

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