Mar 22, 2011

all about letters


Since last year, I was planning to paint some letters for our dining area and finally got around to actually doing it. Nothing about long loooong to-do-lists and procrastination. These are precut wood or MDF letters which were painted with some acrylic paint and some crackle fluid or which were covered using scrapbooking paper (first clued on, pressed and later cut out). They will go into our new kids room spelling big J's name and in our dining area for a "CAFÉ & B3ANS" (well, loosely translated).

Now back to the washing machine: Big J didn't feel well last night and a lot of clothes, bedding, pillows, stuffies and a bed cover need to be washed :) Spending the night together on the couch, luckily he already felt better and only me woke up all the time when he was turning and kicking me out of the couch. Hopefully, this night will be about sewing agrin.

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