Mar 19, 2011



Some of my current WIPs out on my design wall (opposed to all my other WIPs stored in all those bins). The {love} letter had to be set aside as I am still waiting for the batting to arrive which seems to be on backorder. Too bad. Messes up my plans. But well, I could move on to some other things of my to-do-list.

I am improvising a bit for make mine modern. Same stupid thing, fabric still somewhere on its way. I like my wonky stripes on the grey but it still needs something to make it special. Have to think about it and see how my partner might like it.

My weirdest ideas come shortly before midnight and some speedy cutted scraps became a crappy star which would finish at 1". How the hell do you deal with those seam allowances. It gets all bulky no matter how they are pressed and it is rather difficult to press the block flat without distorting the fabric. Oh my, more midnight exercises to go.


Glad I have some of my recreation projects which are without any deadline or specific purpose. Just for the fun of it. As the log cabins for {under the sea}. Lots of greens, blues and bits of orange.

On the other hand this weekend will be challenging sewing wise. My sisters birthday wish was a cordury overall and today she comes for fitting the pattern. Furthermore, I am already changing the parts of the pattern which I do not favor. Never did any adult clothes except of some easy skirts and could get a bit nervous about it. Just a little.

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