Apr 4, 2011

Finally using my serger

For quite a long time I refused to get a serger since I was thinking it is quite some money for more or less one stitch that you can not even use for every project. Never have been sure if there is actual the need for it. On the other hand, it was rather time consuming, tedious and often frustrating to finish all seam allowances especially for jersey. I enjoyed making my kids some t-shirts but it definitely was an issue I've got more and more upset about. Thus, a serger it was. Until recently only used for some straight seams and easy fabric, I finally got myself to sew some of the t-shirts that where cutted month ago. Figured there was no need to fear them as they were supposed to get pj's or dumped depending on how bad things go.

owl t-shirt_2

The pattern is raglan t-shirt by ottobre using some blue owl jersey and some blue jersey for the sleeves. Every seam was basted as I was horrified by the possibility a needle could get between the knifes and I didn't dare to serge without needles nor basting. As everything came together pretty well it was worth the bit extra time. Neck and sleeves were finished with a  purple knit (a bit thicker than jersey similar to that part of sweaters around the wrist - no clue how you call this type of fabric in English. Darn!) which makes for a nice interesting, more sophisticating look. Of course J was only concentrating on the owl sticker LOL

owl t-shirt_3

  • Most important: As usual there is nothing to fear about. I am only cursing myself when I have to dump a project. Next time it will be done better.
  • Basting helped a lot to focus on serging and keeping my seam allowance fairly regular.
  • Tension was good, though it can be slightly improved and the seam looked good as well (no strange loops hanging everywhere)
  • Crossings with several layers of fabric are the main problem for accurate sewing as it tends to slow down the fabric transport and to shift the fabric.
  • Testing some different materials and techniques for neckline etc. (my sons are my best guinea pigs) to get a feeling what works and looks best in combination with a serger.
  • The seam allowance does look better and it was way more fun and relaxing then before.
  • Still not sure if my twin needle ever will be loved as there are some tension issues to resolve.
  • Already love my serger: no fuddling, silent and nice seams.
  • Why the heck didn't I had a server for making my sons bed linen?

owl t-shirt_1

Unfortunately, we still need some new pj's as this one has to be worn regularly.

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