Jun 27, 2011

back and working my way through

Hello?! Hellooo?! Anybody still here? Gee, it has been getting dusty here. Were to start? We had some trouble with getting back online after moving and some computer problems. My new work has been proven to be rather time consuming at the moment so less spare time, which I spent mainly with my family, organizational stuff and all the after moving fixing. Plus, I was mostly too exhausted to care about blogging. Or to be more precise: about sitting in front of a PC for more than mail checking. Nevermind, I am slowly coming back :)

 I finished some blocks for the Bee Modern Too and Bee Europe meanwhile.


The Giraffes were the most tricky part.
  • I seriously tried paper piecing to challenge myself and created the pattern based on the inspiration painting.
  • I do know by now why everybody stresses that you should mark every piece and how to put them together
  • Never forget to use only the side of the linen which has no prints on it as instructed
  • Take the block back and try to rip seams of a loosely woven linen and matching thread with your tiny lamp just before midnight
  • Better fix the block during daylight
  • Done


Angela provided some wonderful fabric and linen stripes for asteriks.


And finally, one block based on the storytellingblock that will travel back to Spain.

Still have to finish some geese where I couldn't decide on the pattern and running late and the blocks for June.

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