Jun 27, 2011

need a bag? giveaway


Can a girl ever have enough bags? Fancy yourself a bag in lovely red and aqua? For free? Thought so LOL This one is the Sophia Carry All Bag with some changed pockets (and without the false insert bottom), which I made to test the pattern for the Goodie Bag Swap. Just reckoned it would be more fun to use some nice fabric for it and to play around a bit. The writing is some color that fluffs up when heated to create some interest. The font fits quite nice to the overall feeling of the bag. It went quite well for my first trials although not all lines are as clean as I would which them to be. Next time I need to improve my stencil for easier removal and practice will make up for the rest. Best would be to find somebody for handsewing the lining to the bag, nevertheless. Especially since I didn't find a protection for my fingers which I would enjoy so far.


Long story short if you wanna be my guinea pig so to speak you might win the bag :) You just have to say hi, might chat a bit or you could help my poor little fingers. I will draw a winner Monday, 4th July. You can only win if you I can contact you via mail either by your profile or by a mail-address in your comment.

Good luck!


  1. Wow! This is beautiful! I would love to win this fabulous bag! Thanks for the chance!

  2. Hi - it looks great, aqua and red a bit of a favourite at the moment, the lining looks fabulous too, well done. Not sure what I can suggest for sore fingers other than a rest! I'm giving away on my blog this week, offering to make a custom made item so would love it if you popped over and said hi.

  3. Coming over from your link on the Goodie Bag Swap. Thanks for offering a giveaway. I think the bag is gorgeous. Of course, I love red and love polka dots. Perfect!

  4. No such thing as "too many" bags! This is so pretty! Love the style and especially love the red polka dots in the lining.

  5. Oh it is very sweet.. I like to be a guinea pig.. reet reeet..lol

  6. I'm totally in love with this bag.
    The shape and the colour is perfect <3

  7. Oh my goodness that is just gorgeous, and the writing is the perfect touch, CUTENESS!!!

    Sorry about your sore fingers, I'm binding a quilt right now so I literally feel your pain!

  8. That's an awesome bag! I wish I could sew that well!

    morgansmom2000 at gmail.com