Oct 17, 2011

to snuggle

to snuggle

Little M loves music - dancing and giggling and everything - and he loves to snuggle. So cute! The Snuggle Softies pattern seemed just perfect to make him a little softie with a music box inside. Wonderful clear instruction, it was a breeze to sew. The music box is sewn into the belly and is waterproof enough to hand wash the softie. I picked several velours and some jersey knit from my stash, which felt the cuddliest. The brownish grey and the orange snout where picked first and the blues made for a wonderful contrast. The scarf as suggested by the pattern with its orangeand brown is just the perfect finishing touch.

Guess which little boy was pretty pleased to say the least :) Me too. I was a fun project plus I can check one more item of my long to do list.

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