Feb 3, 2011

breaking my fabric diet

Currently I am trying not to buy any fabric except for swaps or to finish some WIPs at least until the end of February. This would give me some time to organize my stash. Big plan being to minimize the whole stash to an - still ambitious - amount I might use within one year (plus some basics and favorites). Of course the stash itself should not grow again. A girl has to dream, right?

scrap quilt - the beginning
It's all the fault of this one! Plus proof that a bigger design wall is needed - will still have to wait a bit.

So, to make a long story short. I continued to play around with some scraps as started last year. Kona Ash might or might not play a role in this project and the experiment might or might not become at least a good sized lap quilt. For which the grey will not be enough and most of my other solids will not fit to my vision of this quilt. My LQS didn't have it. Several online shops run out as well and when I finally found some I was frustrated enough to buy a lot more fabrics than intended (I had an eye on them already for a long time, so it isn't technically an impulsive purchase, or?) Curious, what everybody does with MY grey.

Aren't my new treasures pretty?

breaking my fabric diet

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