Feb 3, 2011

oh, the chaos

I started working again after a year staying home with my kids. Still have to get used to work full time. Big kiddie started kindergarten this week. He is one of the youngest among a lot of other kids. So far he has been really tough. I enjoy working and I have a well paid, secure job. Nevertheless, I will trade safety for new challenge and go to a small company working again as fire safety engineer. As a consequence we all have to move town - 150 km from Munich to Ulm. Three month for finding a new place to live in Ulm, move everything, repaint (in Germany you have to leave your rents freshly painted in neutral colors, which normally translates to white) and clean our old flat, get money for the built-in-kitchen, get a new kitchen in the new flat (long delivery times!) .....

Heads smoking, panic starting and all that.

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