Feb 10, 2011

new pillow for hubby

Hubby likes colors. Sadly as it is, our couch is more of a charcoal one for practical reasons. Two toddlers (which btw claim all nice colorful pillows theirs) require compromises like this. A while ago, musing what to do with my scraps, I started to cut them in triangles, adding more aqua, orange and bits of similar colors along the way. It took me some time to decide on the layout ... and to sew it together. Did I tell you that I am a rather slow girl. Forgetting all the time when crafting.


umm, where were we? ah yes, the pillow. We had an inlet of 30 x 60 cm, for which the layout was designed. For my first triangles the points match quite well despite the minimal squaring up(Didn't thought about it beforehand *blush*). The cover got a snuggly, orange nicky for the back as well as an envelope closure. The edges where finished with some Amy Butler dots.


Hubby loves it and defends it well :) But oh the shame, I totally forgot to quilt it as planned (nobody cares but me). Now I know why it was somehow finished faster than expected.


  1. Hey there.. new visitor here.. just blog hopping. :)

    Want to say that I love your pillow! Ive seen this pattern a lot lately on flickr pics, do you make this just putting together HST of each color?

  2. Right, you sew together one triangle each of your color group (or value group if you would more focusing on values). I arranged my triangles first until I settled on my layout. But it will work as well to arrange the blocks later.

    The blocks have to be handled and pressed carefully because the tend to distorted a bit easier than usually. Check each block after pressing the seams if it is still square. Afterwards it is just sewing blocks to rows and so on.