Feb 15, 2011

sewing a {love} letter

love letter

Anyone seeing how this work title came to mind? Or is it just me? Anyway, this is the scrap quilt I was working on lately and finished yesterday. It started innocently enough with sewing most of my scraps together some month ago (yes, these are most of my scraps) and eventually adding some grey sashing. My first ideas were for a small quilt - up to lap size. However, everything looked to cramped and needed more space ... and then it kept growing and growing ... never made anything that big.

It looks gorgeous to have a pile of bright, pieced fabric. Still don't know how to quilt this little monster. May normal batting is a mid volume and I am not sure, if this sandwich bulk would fit under my sewing machine.

Sewing in such a liberate way takes much longer than expected but it was fun :) I will have to work on my techniques and the design process (e.g. I should have placed the grey and white differently). The seam allowance looks a bit ugly as I often used a scissor for roughly fitting my blocks, have to work on this as well. The big plan is to finish it before we move. Hope I can make it.

  • 1 night piecing the back
  • 1 night ironing and squaring front and back
  • 1 night sandwiching
  • about 3 nights for quilting plus 1 for pondering how to do
  • about 2 nights making and attaching binding
  • 2-3 nights stitching the binding down

Oh, what a project. You should have stopped me! Really!

The quilt is also a love letter on a less literal way. This year I rediscovered the love to my fabric stash. I felt so down sometimes last year that I sometimes forgot about it. And crafting just for its own sake without deadlines, bigger plans and so on. Love it! This big quilt will be so *squeeeeak*

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  1. I love this!

    Some quilting suggestions:

    A grey thread will bring everything together nicely.
    Random curved and straight lines all over will be easy (and quite manageable on a home machine). You can use your walking foot. But it will complement the design nicely.

    And when it comes to binding my suggestion would be for something in the oranges or blues. Ar a combo. It would be a really nice pop.